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مبدل پسیو IP به کابل کواکسیال (200m)

مبدل پسیو

IP Extender over Coax

IP01 is a low cost and easy, speedy solution to allow you use existing coax cable to send IP camera signal. Used in pairs with your RG59 cable to exceed the IEEE 802.3 10BaseT NEXT specification. The working range

مبدل پسیو IP به کابل کواکسیال (200m)

could up to 200 meters at 10Mbps speed.

  • Send IP camera signal over existing coaxial cable.
  • Passive, no power required.
  • Exceeds 802.3 10BaseT NEXT specification, isolating the receiver from the transmitted signal.
  • Transmission up to 200 meters (Max).

انتقال دیتا دوربین IP از بستر کابل کواکسیال تا فاصله 200 متر

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